Hallvad Open Body Technology

This is another one from the series of original snare drums made in the HALLVAD manufactory according to the ideas of its incoming owner. This drum was inspired by the system of gradual opening of four ventilation holes in a drumshell which is used by Brasilian company Odery on its custom snares. Our technology is little bit different because we use two fixed shells (solid block + five-ply wood) and a seven-ply shell which moves between them. Because of this, our drum has a clear tone and a concrete attack in every conditions.

Size: 13“ x 6,5“

Material: solid block shell – merbau, two inner shells – mahogany, hoops – mahogany

Hardware: 10 lugs – ST Drums, strainer – ST Drums, snarewires – DC Drums

Drumheads: Evans Genera + Evans Hazy 300 snare side

Hand drawn logo: Radka Matejkova (www.starecasy.cz)

Surface finishing: outer part of a shell and hoops – flat PUR varnish, inner side – waterproof wax coating

“Open Body Technology” provides player a great variety of sounds without retuning of snarewires or drumheads. Gradual opening of ventilation holes in a drum’s body gives more bass frequencies into the final sound and wires are resonating more as well. As a result, this means that the drummer gets modern aggressive sound with a short reverbation with the ventilation holes closed. On the other hand, when the holes are opened, the snare drum produces warm vintage sound and answer very sensitively to player’s dynamic.

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