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We engage mainly with snare drums but we are able without problems to create even a set and this is possible in any configuration. Bodies are made only from massive wood. When thinking about wood types, there are practically no limitations. It depends only on the customer´s fantasy if a body is made from mahogany or walnut, ash, birch, beech, oak etc. We will hinge along the body wooden shells, whose shape also depends exclusively on the customer, or metal shells. We use solely wooden hoops (see below). The last important body part is a surface final modification. Most often we use the polyurethan matted enamel, but at disposal, there is also polyurethan high-glittering polish or different natural oils or shellacs. To increase the drum originality and uniqueness, we cooperate with the painter, Mrs. Radka Matějková ( ). Therefore we have an apportunity to have a drum painted with some motive, name, band logo etc.

Wooden Hoops

Wooden hoops allow fully metalic wood character to come to the fore, they sound nice when playing on a rim and, due to the material plasticity, they also offer more delicate tuning. Similarly to the bodies, we can offer a wide range of materials, however for hoop manufacture we have few favourites. On all sides and according to out experience, the most ideal ones are beech, then mahogany or ash, possibly maple. Flanges contain press-in-down washer for tuning knobs, on the lower side a conical hole for more-precise-tuning knob (the knob does not drag along the rim edge) and lower rims for snare drums have special holes, through which tailpiece lines or straps go so as not to ´´break´´ the drumhead over the body leading edge.


One utterly separate chapter of our activity are repases and modifications of older drums. The most basic one is the change of hoops to wooden ones (customers are often very surprised what a hoop can do with the drum character.) Sound is influenced very much by the drumhead leading edge, that is why, we often re-hone and modify it. From the aesthetical point of view, there is a surface modification change left (see above), possibly body veneering, which already affecst also sound features (necessary to add that mostly in a positive way).


With the respect to the character of our company it is unfortunately impossible to write down a fixed price list. Price always depends only on the concrete customer´s requirements and is derived from the used materials, mechanics, surface modifications etc. However, prices are mostly keen respecting the quality of our isntruments.

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