Pearl All Birch Set

We were restoring this wonderful 1985 drumset for Mira Laga of Flood. His first intention was to buy new drums but finally we decided to rebuild his almost-historical Pearls. Shells were in a very good condition so it would make no sense not to use them. We modified bearing edges, fixed holes and scars on surface finishing and then put them into glossy black varnish. We mounted our wooden lugs and hoops onto the shells and removed tomholders from TT drums because Mira likes to have his toms in snare stands on the ground. The operation was succesful, Mira was very satisfied and that's the most important for us. You can see the drums in the video bellow.

Sizes: 24" BD, 13", 15" TT, 18" FTT
Materials: Pearl shells - birch, lugs and hoops - beech
Surface finishing: outer part of shells - glossy black acrylate, inner shells, lugs and hoops - PU varnish satin finish

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