…the result is eventually even better than I expected, the drumset just rocks! …the sound is now really concrete and clear, moreover the drums look really great!

Mira Laga – Flood; about the Pearl drumset restoratio

…thank you once more for beautiful drumset with unbelievable sound. No doubt about the snare drum, it just sounds incredibly - wow!

Richard Zítek

…your woodhoops are the best I've ever heard!

Jan Sedlář

…I think these are high-quality instruments with high levelled workmanship; what I like is that every single drum has its own "face" - speaking both about sound and used materials. Of all the drums I had the opportunity to try out, I was particularly interested in the one made from acacia with beech hoops - universal drum with lots of tuning possibilities…

Zbyněk Raab –

…the blue one is groovy and this is I think your way because when you involve the crome shells, it terribly makes the drum degraded…

Ivo Honajzer –

…the drum is really excellent! We have compared it with others, the HALLVAD sounded very nice, in the strokes there is a wooden body represented very pleasantly…

Vít Raška

…I can´t understand the fantastic sound, good egg!! The colour gamut, totally rich sound. The dynamics almost incredible….

Samuel Bocek

…I had a chance to try one of your drums off-air in the Drumcenter in Opava. I think that it was from cherry tree wood with mahogany hoops and walnut shells. If I had had money with me, I would have bought it….

Ján Papulák – now already the owner of the mentioned piece

…and a snare? No problems, everybody praises it and I am satisfied…

Vojta Lanta – IMODIUM

…a drum awoke and I will add even assessment that the sound has refined. The metallic reverberation has disappeard and the tone is more concrete. Futhermore, the rimshot is more soft and voiced…

Jiří Křetínský – about the HALLVAD rim montage to the snare Cadeson 13“ x 6“

…marvellous instrument…really great. I will not evaluate it not from my point of view what I like but in general. Whatever you did with it, you undertune the upper drumhead, variously tighten the strings, everybody will always find their own sound joy….

Janusz Antončík

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DC-drums drumset 2011-10-09 Hallvad wooden hoops were used on DC-drums Custom Shop drumset.

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Restoration of DW 2011-02-01

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